Imagine the time when Queen Margherita, bored of the gourmet French food that was popular with European royalty, had visited Pizzeria Brandi in Naples in 1889, commissioning Raffaele Esposito, the most famous pizza-maker in Naples at the time, to make three different pizzas for her.Legend has it that the first two pizzas (Marinara, which featured garlic, and Napoli, which featured anchovy) that Esposito and his wife made were not to the Queen’s tastes. The third, simplest one—inspired by the colours of the Italian flag—was approved by the Queen. Esposito immediately named the pizza after Queen Margherita and asked her for a Royal Seal.

Being an Asian woman, who grew up in a different kind of culture, I aim to apply my own sensitivity and vision to making excellent pizzas, while holding on to the philosophy of simplicity and appreciating the original essence of pizza making.A pizza will feel perfect, if it’s made with great passion and love. Just like your mom’s home cooking.A harmony of tones making up chords, joined into a symphony of taste.Music of senses inside a piece of pizza, a centuries old wisdom that doesn’t get eroded by time.Pizza and Chill?ORDER NOW!Selamat makan. Buon appetito!

Until now, pizza Margherita exists, and is loved by many people.

I personally adopted the philosophy and moral of this story, appreciating the value of SIMPLICITY.

As time went by, we now got pizzas with vast variety of toppings. Which combinations you favour, is up to your personal preferences and taste.

Art has always being an essential part of my existence, which is why I truly love this work.

A pizza reminds me of a canvas, where I can use toppings as elements or hues, in order to create a new masterpiece.

Since 2011, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with ultimate pleasure, becoming sort of addicted to this beautiful art.

I couldn’t imagine my life without this creative calling.


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Our dough and pizza sauce are both homemade. Shredded Mozzarella from its blocks and chopped veggies by hand.It consist of the finest wheat flour ‘00’ to get the best result within 24 hours before served!We as well support local farmers.

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